The Oran Z Pan African Black Facts & Wax Museum accurately preserves and presents black wax figures, depicts scenes and eras with authentic clothes, uniforms and artifacts, featuring such characters as a Sojourner Truth, Malcolm X, Muhammed Ali, Harriet Tubman, Dr. Martin L. King, Jr., Ida Wells Barnett, Louis Armstrong, Thurgood Marshall, George Washington Carver and many more.

The museum also presents cultural artifacts from throughout the African world, black memorabilia, Blacks in advertising, Negro League baseball history, autographs, a reference library, thousands of artifacts and relics dating from before Christ, to rare and one-of-a-kind photographs dating from the beginning of America to yesterday's news.

The museum is the winner of the prestigious 1997 "Martin Luther King Living the Dream Award" presented by the City of Omaha.

The Oran Z Pan African Black Facts & Wax Museum has one of the world's largest collections of Black Americana artifacts including 1000's of postcards, sheet music, records, videos, books, stamps, coins, silverware, advertising, dolls, sculptures, signs, kitchen collections, baseball cards, first editions, quilts, African artifacts, slavery items, fine art, folk art, wax figures, autographs, cookie jars, salt shakers, pipes, games, toys, movies, jewelry, plaques, KKK paraphernalia, Adinkras and authentic antique Kente cloths.